Career Guidance On Best Part-Time Jobs For College Students

What could be scary than a free time for a college student? The best thing to indulge into would be a part-time or flexible. If you are a college goer and want to know what you could do in your free hours, keep reading this blog on career guidance on best part time jobs for college students.

Teaching Assistant:

You might also work as a teaching assistant to a huge freshman seminar class. The teaching assistants have lesser formalities to do with responsibilities, like handling tasks and keeping a watch during exams.

Tour Guide:

If you know the college campus well, why not try and assist the college admission department? Admissions rely on friendly students to give group and personal tours and communicate with potential students about the college and related things. This sounds interesting career guidance for you.

Peer Teaching:

With several teaching opportunities in college, it could a be a great part-time profession.

If there is an educational course in your university, there might also be formal teaching position you can apply for.

Library Supervisor:

If you have less time to devote from your academic schedule, try working as a library supervisor.

Responsibilities would include monitoring the study spaces to make sure a quiet ambiance. A simple and easy job to do with enough time, you can invest in your studies.

Assistant in Academic Department:

You can go over the academic departments and ask about jobs. There are several departments, who hire students for part-time back office work.

Campus Tech Support:

If you’re tech savvy or doing major in a technical field, you can opt for a job at your college’s computer center. Many colleges give tech-support nearly 24 hours for both students and professors.

Assistant in Student Production Center:

If you aren’t a techie, there’s then you can opt for being a part of student-run production services. They carry out dances, concerts, shows, and plays and require several behind the scene works to be done.

On-Campus Administration:

With several campus offices, like the career services, health centers, alumni affairs and also the Dean’s office. They can have great part-time opportunities for you to avail.

College Book Store Employee:

Several colleges have a central bookstore for selling textbooks, college-themed attire, and school supplies. You can opt for a part-time job there too.


You might not have an experience, but if you love being with kids and babies, you can think about this too. You can also do your schoolwork done at times when the baby or kid sleeps.

Study Participants:

You can be a research team and volunteer them for being researched. There are some fields like sociology, linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral biology that needs study participants. You can volunteer for that where they pay you for your role.


If you are a coffee lover, you can learn a lot about coffee and espresso, while working at Barista.

Fitness Center Employee:

If you are fitness conscious, why not spend time at a fitness centre for both earning and practicing. Gyms usually need a good number of staff, like could be receptionists or janitors and workout room supervisors. You can do some gym and also earn too.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance for today. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career tips, news, and updates.

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