Career Advice:The Job Search Mistakes To Avoid

Are you thinking about job switch? Are you not happy with the current boss? You are not finding the right kind of job. Well, if you are thinking about any job switch, with reasons be whatever, this blog at career advice is for your benefit which talks about job search mistakes which must avoid.

While there are several job opportunities, but you must learn the tactics. There are some negative ways which you need to avoid and embrace the positive ones. So its very essential to know about the common job search mistakes that you must avoid. Keep reading this blog at career advice.

During job searching, if you do a mistake then its all over. So you need to be cautious. There are some real mistakes which the candidates do during interviews, so you need to avoid them.

CV Format

The format must be organized and quite detailed. Avoid multi fonts and colors in your CV. Earlier days saw resumes in Times Roman, while updated one today has Ariel font beside the text in Verdana. The format is an essential thing that you can’t avoid. Even the content and grammar must be appropriate.

Spelling mistakes in CV

The first sign of danger. Yes, you need to have a CV free of spelling mistakes. Get it rechecked before sending your resume. This is really a career advice which you must not look over.

Read every word in your CV and make sure there are no spelling mistakes.

Being unpunctual

You need to show up on time. No way, whether or traffic can be excused. And do not bring spouse or parents for the interview. Being punctual without any delay is on of the best career advice you will get to hear.

Check your language

Slangs, biases, disgraceful remarks and slangs might instantly disqualify you. No

Other things which you must avoid are perfume, poor appearance, and casual dress.

The reason to say why to quit your last job.

Do not say that you had a problem with your boss, or the payment was not just or any circumstantial reasons which were beyond your control. Do not lie but even cannot be brutally honest. So you need to speak wisely. A very important career advice while answering the question.

Do not ask what the company can do for you, but tell them how could be a good resource.

Always avoid the word son compensation. The discussion can be once the employer knows how good you could be at your work. If they give you the offer, know that it would be better than what you have left.


Do not show any wrong attitude. While telling your success stories, try to avoid showing ego. Talk about your effort but in a humble manner.


Always be careful about the references you mention. Sometime that could be a turnoff too.

You need to talk to your references and tell them, why you choose the job opportunity and how you find yourself a good fit. Also, you need to seek their permission before you mention their name as a reference.

Not doing the follow-up

If you are really interested for the position, get the interviewer’s business card and send a note mentioning thanks after the interview is over. By doing this you are improving your chance to win the position. But in case you do not get the offer, no worries, chances are that the employer would remember you and whenever next job offer surface, you might be scheduled for an interview.

With this, we conclude our blog at career advice. What has mentioned above, is based on real cases and real people? So learn from them and avoid the mistakes.

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