Career Advice: A Look At The Most Cool Career In Food Industry

A career in food industry is amazing for several and catches the fancy of many. There are endless possibilities and varieties when it comes to choices of food; say, Italian, French, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Greek, and American as well. And that’s only the cuisine we have mentioned. How about cakes, chocolates, pastries, and good wine? If you’re a food lover and if you want to do take up your career in the food industry; then this blog on career guidance is for you.

The Topmost Careers in Food Sector:

1. Chef:

When you wonder about a career in food industry, the first thing which comes to mind is a chef. He or she is a well-trained and skilled professional and proficient in every aspect of food preparation. The TV shows, like Top Chef, Iron Chef, and MasterChef just says about the desire of the public to take their passion in cooking to a higher level. The way they transform ordinary ingredients to pleasing treat can make you inspired by being a chef yourself.

There are two ways to become a professional chef. The traditional path is to get formal training from a culinary arts school. The lesser common, and harder way is to gain experience while working in a kitchen and then become a chef. Either way, the aspiring chefs start with a low position, endure long working hours, and have to get habituated to hectic, fast-paced job.

To mention, all chefs are driven by their passion, much like the artists to their craft. It can be said that salary is not a primary consideration why people get into this profession. But, being able to prepare delicious dishes and to know that people enjoyed their food make their hearts filled with joy.

Types of Chef:

Chef de cuisine – They are the executive chef or head chef, he or she is in-charge of all activities related to the kitchen. The responsibilities include management of kitchen staff, the creation of menu, plating designs, managing cost of raw material, ordering and purchasing inventories.

Sous-chef – They comes, next to the chef de cuisine and directly assists them. Responsibilities are to schedule kitchen staff and substitute when the chef de cuisine is absent. A sous chef also does line checks and oversees the timely rotation of food products.

Chef de partie – Also known as station chef or line cook, they are in charge of a specific area of production. Often, they are divided into a hierarchy (first cook, second cook, and so on).

Commis –They are also called the range chef, and works under a chef de partie to learn responsibilities of the station and operation. Usually, he or she is someone who has recently graduated from culinary school or a person yet undergoing training.


It varies with experience, location, and type of establishment. A hint could be like this:

The median salary for an executive chef is $63,448.

A sous chef’s median salary is $44,700.

A chef de partie earns $30,917 annually.

commis or newbie chefs earn $27,000 per year.

2. Food scientist:

Another career in food industry, which is very lucrative, is that of the food scientist. They study the physical, chemical, and microbiological properties of food and ensure that they are safe for the consumers. They are included in the development of new food products, design processes to yield food, shelf-life studies, making choice of packaging materials, and evaluation of products using panels or surveys of potential customers.

Other responsibilities:

1) Evaluate nutritional value, flavour, and texture of food

2) Testing food samples for microorganism

3) Ensuring the manufacturing processes follow the industry and government standards.


The median salary is about $62,920.

3. Dietician:

They develop a nutritional chart or plan based on a person’s medical condition and specific needs. They are licensed healthcare professionals who find, diagnose, and treat nutritional problems. They also supervise the preparation of food, create modified diets, teach people about good nutritional habits, and participate in research.

To start this career in food industry, a person must have a bachelor’s degree, finish an internship program, and pass the examination. Registered dieticians work in hospitals, health maintenance organizations, private practices, or other health care units.


The annual median salary is about $58,750.

4. Nutritionist:

Many people think the terms, dietician, and nutritionist are interchangeable. Though the two are related, there are differences between. All dieticians can be considered nutritionists; but, not all nutritionists are dieticians.

Nutritionists counsel people on matters of food, nutrition, and its impact on health. They offer advice to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle. Mainly, a nutritionist works for local communities, research centers, food manufacturers, and sports organizations.


The annual median salary is about $56,950.

5. Restaurant manager:

A restaurant manager takes the responsibility for the efficient and profitable operation of a restaurant. They make sure that customers are happy and satisfied, both with the food and the service provided. Other duties include looking after the staff, promoting or marketing the business, and ensuring to follow health and safety regulations.

To earn this job, one must have a degree in business or hotel and restaurant management. Work experience in a restaurant, hotel, or customer service is also needed.


The median salary is about $51,465.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance tips for the day. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career tips, news, and updates.

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