Career Advice On How To Decline A Job Offer Politely

Job hunting is a rigorous phase, with the interview being the most dreading thing which you can’t avoid. But another situation, which is preferably avoidable but you cannot, is declining a job offer, which you find unfit due to several reasons. Here at career advice, we share some tips on how to decline a job offer, being professional.

Reasons to decline a job offer:

1. Not agreeable compensation.

2. The job roles were not clear before you applied, but they are not as per your expectations.

3. You got to know something about the company or the job during the process which makes you lose interest

4. The job would demand relocation, which you are not ready for.

5. It could be any of your personal calls.

The trick is how to decline the job offer and yet sound professional and maintain a good rapport.

Career advice, on when to decline a job offer.

The timing is totally self-oriented. But at least you need to wait before you get a good job offer. But it is wise to decline the sooner you could that would save both your and their time.

Career advice on how to decline a job offer

It is always wiser to give it in writing, be over email or any written message. It would appear like a mini version of a resignation letter. Be clear about your reasons that would save any confusion. It can also avoid any mixed signals; it should be respectful and full of gratitude.

You can also opt for a quick phone call to the hiring manager to make your message be heard, this could build a good professional relationship, without offending. Speak in a friendly tone, and do not be negative.

Be diplomatic in reasoning. Tell them honestly that the offer does not suit you right at this time or if you are getting a better offer, let them know about the company and their offer in details.

The choice of level of formality might vary based on how formal the company is and how well you know the person you are communicating. Keep with a lighter tone and be professional.

Career advice on what not to be done while declining a job offer.

While writing your note, always remember not to write the below mentions:

Do not use potential negative words like “reject” or “rejection”.

It sounds rude and unprofessional and so better you choose other options like saying you would opt to pursue other opportunities or would not be able to accept the offer at this time.

Avoid any hostile tone.

Avoid posting about it on any social media platform.

Avoid speaking lowly about the company or anyone with whom you had a conversation during the process.

If you also happened to meet anyone obnoxious, avoid mentioning that.

Try to decline the offer while maintaining a good rapport. You need to build a good professional connection so that in future if you happened to come across any of them, the occurrence must not be bitter. You must acknowledge the offer and also reason out politely why you cannot accept it, right at the moment

With the above tips, hope your job searching journey be calm and easy. To not to accept an offer is really a hard decision, choose your words wisely and remain professional.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance for today. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career tips, news, and updates.

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