Career Advice To Choose Or Not,Civil Services As A Career In India

Civil services are an attractive and a challenging career for the talented, ambitious and aspiring students. Indian Civil Services creates opportunities for an IAS, IFS or IPS officer.

A country’s future relies on the hands of the youth. They hold a solid promise for a better tomorrow, and what better could be an opportunity than to serve the nation? Today, several of the country’s young minds wish to held a position in one of the most prestigious services in India through the Union Public Service Commission Examination or UPSC.

Indian Civil Services is not only one of the most prestigious fields but is also amongst the toughest exams to be clear. Even then this remains as the dream job for aspiring youngsters who desires to bring a positive change in the outlook of the Indian society. It is a field where one can influence a lot, where one can create influences and bring changes even with the smallest of actions and become an inspiration for the multitude. Knowing that you could be a reason behind the happiness and prosperity of the nation and its people, this is one of the main reasons that make the Indian youth apply for the Civil Services.

The Exams:

Behind every glory and reputation that is attached to the Civil Services, getting into this field is not an easy task. One has to be very much dedicated if he/she wants to make it until the end. The exam occurs in two parts– the Prelims and the Mains. To clear the Prelims, one must have a good preparation for at least 6 months, after which he/she must dedicate a year to study for the Mains.

The exam is a total assessment of your intellect and whole personality. It is that makes the process difficult, but finally, the shining faces of the ones become successful, proves that it is worth that much effort.

Some Facts:

Selecting the Civil Services as a career is an excellent step in itself, but there are some particular demands of the job that you must consider. Before jumping into this field, one must make a practical assessment of the time and effort that he/she needs to put in it. Civil Servants have many responsibilities and have to be good at making decisions. They must have a unique outlook and see things and opportunities, where nobody can.

Also, remember the two virtues needed are patience and perseverance that one must possess when he or she aspires to become a Civil Servant. In a nation big like ours, where people have quite differing opinions, it results appear but late.

Branches of the Indian Civil Services:

Most people are aware of only the popular ones like Indian Administrative Service or IAS, Indian Police Service or IPS, Indian Foreign Service or IFS, and Indian Revenue Service or IRS, but there are 24 categories under the Indian Civil Services.

The IAS remains a dream job for the millions in a country due to the prestige and honor associated with it. IAS officers get involved in the administrative system of the country, making sure that the policies of the government are applied rightly.

IPS ranks in the second position in terms of popularity. IPS officers take charge to uphold and maintain law and order in the nation. Often, they need to work in collaboration with the ministers.

IRS officers shoulder the responsibility of tax and revenue, which happens to be one of the most important functions of the Central government. They serve under the Central Economic Intelligence Bureau and look after the proper implementation of the economic laws in the country.

While the above-mentioned roles are deployed to the nation, IFS officers function as representatives of the country in the foreign lands, like the Diplomats and Ambassadors.

The Civil Services are associated with deep job security and job satisfaction. Starting from the preparation for the exam to the process, and finally, to clear the exams, it is a journey to remember. It is an opportunity to direct one’s limits in a way to bring about real changes within the society, and those who are not afraid of taking the unconventional path, always shine in this field.

The most exciting thing is that your single decision and dedication can touch and change the lives of many. And the glory of a true Civil Servant is to server his/her nation and drive Her towards success and greatness.

But as we mentioned, it’s a tough thing to proceed with, you must be quite sure before taking the leap into it. But after making a choice, there must be no looking back. You will face failure, see several highly depressing stages, doubt your calibre, might have to start from the initial stage even after reaching up to the last stage….But remember the entire process is a test of your mental strength as much as your intellectual abilities.

The whole process of taking a decision, making preparations and the exam is a life-changing experience, whether you are successful or not.

All the best to the aspirants!

So, do you think you have the calibre in you to hold a glorified position in the Indian Civil Services?

Remember choosing the right career is always significant and once you take this decision and initiate the path, there is no looking back.

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