Career Advice: Avoid These Common LinkedIn Mistakes

LinkedIn happens to be the best and the vast social networking platform for professionals, but only by creating a LinkedIn profile is not enough to get the benefits of the site. You need to be actively present and avoid the below mentioned Common LinkedIn mistakes. Keep reading this blog at career advice.

Recruiters nowadays check a candidate’s LinkedIn profile before consideration of their candidature, and if they find you were not active for a long time, then they might move on to the next candidate. The best career advice is that you have to keep your LinkedIn profile professional, complete, and updated to bring several of opportunities.

To get the most benefit from LinkedIn, follow the below-mentioned career advice on what to avoid in LinkedIn.

1. Unprofessional Images:

A number of candidates upload casual pictures, and some avoid pictures at all.

A wrong photo or no picture can make you appear unprofessional and badly prepared for the working world. Actually, the picture is worth a thousand words.

You can post selfies and group photos on other social networking platforms but on LinkedIn, it’s wise to upload clear headshots and simple, professional photos.

2. Old Profile Content:

Your LinkedIn profile reflects your professional resume a much lot. So you need to have your skills and roles, accurately mentioned even if you are not actively searching a job. You can say that LinkedIn is the secondary version of your resume.

If the profile is outdated, it can repel the hiring managers and recruiters. Without getting an accurate picture of you, they might decide that you are not the appropriate candidate.

3. Unrealistic Connections:

You don’t have to accept every connection request you get. Your connections must be relevant and reserved for contacts with whom you actually worked with, is networking, or know within some professional capacity. LinkedIn connections must be of quality, rather than quantity.

You must not add or accept users only to increase the connections in the network. You should concentrate on relevancy related to your industry.

4. Being irregular:

It’s not that you create a LinkedIn profile and forget about it. The career advice is that you must use it actively. Follow the organizations you admire, research the companies, and share valuable and relevant content.

LinkedIn isn’t just about a job search. Engage with the communities relevant to your field or related to your interests. Take benefit from these communities and also learn from others.

Being active in these groups you can come across with potential jobs and roles. The prominence your presence is, the more likely someone the more chances are that you will opt for an opening in an organization or a company.

There are endless opportunities on LinkedIn, what you need to do is optimize your profile and use it well. Avoid the simple mistakes and take full advantage of the platform. Be sure that your LinkedIn profile is always ready for future scopes.

So this says you have several ways to remain happy at work. With this, we conclude our discussion for today. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career tips, news, and updates.

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