Career Advice On How To Answer What Is Your Greatest Achievement

Another interview simple question which is not simple to answer the question, “what is your greatest achievement?” So it is always wise to be prepared for some common interview questions. Keep reading this blog at career advice, to know how to be ready to overcome this question.

First, you must know why this question is asked so commonly.

The main thing is that interviewers want to know about your potential for your achievements. And also find out what or how you could contribute to the specific role you are being interviewed.

Interviewers also try to find about the practical significance of your skills that you claim or highlight in your CV. And what could be better than your achievements? Next question is how to plan what to answer.

How to plan your response

A very tricky question, though and you need to be prepared for the answer. At career advice, we help you deal with this answer.

To talk about your greatest achievement and also enhance the interviewer’s interests on you, you have to talk about how you value your workplace, focus on the way your skills match the requirements and select facts and figures from what you achieved.

You need to consider what you value and tell that

While talking about your achievements you need to speak to the ones you value the most and the way your skills can add to the purpose of the organization and its goals.

Your achievements could be either teamwork, your ways to meet the targets, as well. Also, you can talk about your personal achievements and how that helps you or helped you in the professional fields.

Match your skills to the position

While speaking about your achievements you need to highlight skills that could match the present job role you are applying to. This could help them know how you could add value to their organization.

Refer to statistics

One career advice is that, when you talk about your achievements, try to use solid figures and proper mention. This can validate your achievements well. Telling about your achievements in percentage growth or client growth is the best way to tell about your achievements.

Give the most confident answer

The best way to do that is to continue practicing your answers in front of a family or friends. That would help you improve your answer, build your confidence, help you ease out and try to add some in between smiles to appear confident and proud of your achievements.

Exemplify your answers

Results based answers are always welcome. Try to share an example of your achievements.

You can say how your company was struggling with a website reconstruction and you and your team worked well to sort out the problem and overcome the issue. Thus you can talk how you could be a team player and the success you attained as a team.

Sometimes you need to answer your response to your skills.

For instance, you could say that your greatest achievements could be as a content writer and the unique content you supplied helped your organization in drawing more leads and to appear in organic searches.

If you are good at communication, and somehow your skill helped you negotiate business with a good client who invested in your business, then you can say that you are amazed to bring on board a great client, and the client is one of the biggest ones in the company’s business. You can exemplify and tell about your skills in communication.

Value-based response

You can say how you joined as a Business development executive and the way you brought new businesses for the company. You can talk about the way you tend to meet targets on time and also you identified profitable market trends, enhance brand awareness and eventually for promoting as a marketing head.

The career advice is that you could state that you count promotion as an achievement in your career. You tend to add value to your organization and overwhelmed to get promoted for your contributions and your skill.

Always remember that a proper statistic, a good solid example, and your official success, counts best as your greatest achievements while facing the interview question mentioned in the blog.

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