How To Improve Your CV With Extracurricular Activities

In today’s blog on career advice, we suggest you to improve your CV with extra curricular activities. Do you how what unique thing you can add to your CV besides, your technical skills and soft skills? Extracurricular activities! Yes, that’s a great way to demonstrate your interests and individuality, and also prove to the recruiters that you have a wide

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Secret Tips To Become A Successful Career Woman

In this age of women empowerment, there is a rise in understanding and knowing the voices and choices of women: their rights, their ambitions, and their significance. Though every woman has her own definition of success, certain traits are common with the most successful women together. The first prominent thing those women do is surrounds themselves with other ambitious women

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What Interview Outfits To Wear By An Entry Level Job Seeker

It is known that “ the first impression is the last impression”.Here your interview outfit is a big part to play to create an impression as a potential employer. So it’s important that candidates go prepared their best. Today in career advice we summarised some recommendations for your help. Do some research about the organization’s culture Job seekers should research

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