Job Search Tips For Fresher Graduates

Career after graduation is quite crucial and it is never early to start finding jobs. Employers are also eager to meet the new batch of fresher graduates as well. Always relevant experience is valued, recruiters also tend to welcome some general experiences earned through extracurricular activities. Sometimes the employers opt for on-campus opportunities to spot talents, so it’s essential that

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Career Guidance Tips On The Dos And Don’ts Of References

If you have quality job references then know that they are gold. So it is wise not to treat job references poorly. Rather show it with much grace. This blog shall discuss how to treat your references with much respect. To mention, companies nowadays rarely give references (besides dates of employment and job titles), the references from your co-workers and

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5 Cyber Security Practices That A Company Must Follow To Keep Safe Online

Internet has been both boon and curse at the same time. When internet has brought several benefits to society, and businesses as well. Companies can now connect with people and broadcast their services and products in ways which were unimaginable many years ago. With all amazing opportunities what Internet has brought, there are also some downsides as well. One such

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