How To Improve Your CV With Extracurricular Activities

How To Improve Your CV With Extracurricular Activities

In today’s blog on career advice, we suggest you to improve your CV with extra curricular activities.

Do you how what unique thing you can add to your CV besides, your technical skills and soft skills? Extracurricular activities! Yes, that’s a great way to demonstrate your interests and individuality, and also prove to the recruiters that you have a wide range of valuable skills which could be applied to the vacant position.

Here we list five extracurricular activities that you might want to add to your CV:

1) Music & theatre

It takes lots of confidence to stand in front of a crowd and perform.

You could be an expert dancer or a drama enthusiast, you should mention the same in your CV.

Skills it demonstrates self-presentation, confidence, creativity.

How to get involved: This depends on the activity you wish to do; so after making your choice, From your school knows how to get lessons or where is the best place to begin.

2) Foreign languages

An alternate language strengthens your CV in several ways.

With several organizations which operate internationally, an ability to understand and translate language from another country is quite valuable.

Skills it demonstrates dedication, lateral thinking, eagerness to learn new things, troubleshooting, patience.

How to get involved: This could be in your institute curriculum and if not, then you have to from external classes or private tutors.

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3) Sports

To involve in any sport is the best way to demonstrate your teamwork and dedication.There are several sports you could use to make your interests, skills, and abilities stand out.Just link them to the role you’re applying for.

Skills that it demonstrates: dedication, teamwork, fitness, competitiveness, reliability.

How to get involved: Most educational institutes have their own sports teams, what you need to do is join them and for that, you usually won’t need any previous experience or skills.

4) Volunteering & fundraising

This is a great way to show how you contribute to the society.

Skills it demonstrates leadership, commitment, entrepreneurship, proactivity.

How to get involved: Know about charitable organizations which you are passionate about, and contact them to offer your services. Fundraising for charities is easy like online registration.

5) Job-specific activities

Certain extracurricular activities might be the first steps towards your dream career because hobbies related to a certain industry often teachers teach practical skills and experience needed for a job.

It could be writing, coding or photography; your future employers can see the basic abilities and dedication which you began with.

Skills it demonstrates creativity, writing, to take criticism positively, IT & other technical skills.

How to get involved: If you want to get involved in blogging, web design or media, you can write for your institute’s website or newsletter; or in afterschool clubs. Such opportunities are fairly competitive, so one must be proactive.

Hope you will find this helpful. If you wish to make careers in engineering or any other field, keep reading our blogs.

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5 Types of Common Interview Questions With Tips

5 Types of Common Interview Questions With Tips

Interview questions come in various forms and types. So in today’s blog on career advice, we shall help you with tips to find useful during interviews. Preparing for an interview is really a difficult task. Because you won’t be able to go with all answers as you don’t know what could be the possible questions. But the best thing is that almost every interview question could be classified.

Here we mention five common types of interview questions with tips:

General interview questions :

What are they? They form the basis of almost every other question. They are asked to put the ball in your court.

When are they asked? They come up in almost every interview.

How to answer them: here you need your skills, experience, and personality that could match up with what the employer is looking for.

The worst thing you might do: Tell your life story which is unnecessary.

Example of Questions:

Tell about yourself

Tell about your weaknesses?

Why there is a gap in work history?

Why you applied for this position?

Career goal questions :

What are they? They are asked to know where you are in your professional life, and what your future plans are.

When is it asked? They are commonly aimed at recent graduates, career changers or who switch jobs casually.

How to reply: Preparation is the key. You have to research about the company and just let them believe that you are keen about the job position and have plans to be there for a long time.

The worst thing to avoid: By telling them you want to do their job (or any such cliché answer).

Example of Questions:

Why do you want to work for this company?

Why do you want to make a career in it?

Where do you see yourself in coming years?

What is your dream job?

Questions to check competency

What are they? Competency questions focus on knowing your ability to handle the job.

When are they asked? They are asked if any previous experience or achievements.

How to answer them: You have to prepare examples. You need to highlight your key skills in the job description. And add an example that proves about your attribute.

The worst to avoid: To make it as you go along.


How did you work to/missed a deadline

How did you deal with a big change?

Character questions :

What are they? They are asked to find what you are capable of achieving.

When do they ask? They are often asked when the role needs teamwork, tough situations and making quick and fair decisions.

How to answer them: Focus on demonstrating your appreciation of values (both your own and the company’s), positive work ethic, ability to work well with others and handle tough situations. Show you can do the job, and fit in (without breaking anything), and you’ll be on the right track.

The worst thing to avoid: Lie.


Tell about your core values?

Whom you admire, and why?

When did you least deal with a difficult situation and how?

Tricky and creativity questions :

What are they? These questions are asked to put you under pressure, to know your ability or to see how creative you are on the spot.

When are they asked? It’s not an uncommon question but mostly asked during group interviews.

How to answer: Your answer isn’t that important but your reasoning. Don’t look at the question literally, and find a good answer to it.

The worst to avoid: Getting tensed and sobbing.


If you were an animal, what you liked to be?

Every CV has a lie in it. Tell us yours.

Sell me this object (say a pen or a diary)

Hope you will find this helpful. If you wish to make careers in engineering or any other field, keep reading our blogs.

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Secret Tips To Become A Successful Career Woman

In this age of women empowerment, there is a rise in understanding and knowing the voices and choices of women: their rights, their ambitions, and their significance.

Though every woman has her own definition of success, certain traits are common with the most successful women together. The first prominent thing those women do is surrounds themselves with other ambitious women who share the same ambitions and have the same attitude for success.

If you are a career-oriented woman, here are some traits you must possess and nurture:

Be Passionate About Your Work

If you are not passionate about your work, no skill or work will can make you hugely successful. If you don’t have a love for what you do, there won’t be any motivation to put an extra effort needed.

A person who loves her career always wears a smile and that is the foundation for success.

Be Your Own Boss

The most successful women know that being the leader allows them to create own rules. When one is in control, she can create a happier, better organized and more balanced workplace for herself and other employees.

Do Not Expect Perfection

Do not expect excellence from yourself or anyone else around you. In an effort to be perfect; it creates frustration. One has to work and overcome shortcomings. Successful women know that they can’t-do everything right all the time; they know it and learns from it.

Have Faith on Yourself

Believing that success is an integral part of the achievement. At times you might come up with some crazy ideas, but believe in your abilities and maintain your confidence to drive you ahead with your idea.

Take Risks

You can’t go much far in life without taking risks. If you want to bring change in your career, you have to choose a path less traveled. Successful women don’t make careless decisions, but they take calculated risks after careful planning and research.

Take Care of Yourself

If you want to be successful, you must take care of your health. Regular exercise relieves stress; boost the immune system, increase energy levels and release endorphins. Instead of discussing your stress with everyone, do some work out to strengthen your body and immune systems.

Have Some Me-Time

Usually, women tend to put domestic responsibilities above their own needs. But to be successful, you have to make room in your hectic schedule for some “me time” to recharge yourself and stay motivated to attain goals. A mini vacation could be a wise choice.

Know That To Be Successful, You Must Fail

Failure is stepping stone towards success! Prepare your mind that you will not make it in life without a few tumbling moments. The important thing to be able to get up after each fall, learn from your mistakes, create a new plan and go get it.

With this, we conclude today’s career advice.

Are you looking for entry-level engineering jobs currently? Choosing the right career is very essential for your growth in life, as you spend most time of the day at work, you must enjoy doing your job. So you must be happy and content at work.

For your careers in engineering and any other field, keep looking into our space for more career advice.

5 Reasons Your New Resume Isn’t Helping You

From choosing the right career to writing a good resume and creating good contacts, everything is significant in the making of your career. Be it walk-in interview jobs or scheduled interview jobs, your resume gibes your first introduction.

Are you looking for careers in engineering or in clinical research? In any field, it could be, but your resume will highlight your candidature.

Everybody knows what a resume is and how significant it is in one’s career. This one to two-page document is the ultimate thing that’s designed to show your impact and achievements to be ahead of the competition. So making a resume is a trick and you must be careful with it.

Before you start considering your new resume is a waste, check the below list:

Reason – You felt a new resume would do magic.

With a professionally written résumé, you might be are ahead of the game of job search but it must be in accordance with the application process and you must adhere to. Though ATS-friendly résumés speed up the process, it will only work if you work it.

You can’t expect to the same age-old style of job search in this age where candidates are sourced through social media platforms. You need to adapt.

Reason – No target list of companies.

You must start with focus and specificity. Keep a target list of companies from your desired industry and based on your career criteria will assure you make the right connections at the very first time, and maximize your search. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree LinkedIn connections are, to begin with, but even alumni databases, events, and social media can help in making connections.

Reason – You fail to diversify your search.

Job searching platforms like, Google Careers, and some options. Only using job boards along with several other candidates won’t help you.

Diversifying will take you to the organization you need to know which methods work and which don’t and help you see which needs your attention the most.

Reason – You think networking is dead.

No matter how social media friendly we become, but no website can replace human contacts. Though top job boards must be used, you must spend more time talking to people than internet surfing.

Reason – You can’t build your online presence and utilize technology appropriately.

You have control over your online presence. Search engines are your online friends. Don’t be scared to investigate and invest time in online searches to find and build the right connections.

Doing this you can enlist a professional résumé writer or service to rewrite your professional resume. With an ATS-friendly targeted résumé and with a strategic focus, you can gain better results from quality leads.

With this, we conclude today’s discussion on career advice. There are several job openings for fresher coming up so stay connected with us for more career tips and advice.

What Interview Outfits To Wear By An Entry Level Job Seeker

What Interview Outfits To Wear By An Entry Level Job Seeker

It is known that “ the first impression is the last impression”.Here your interview outfit is a big part to play to create an impression as a potential employer. So it’s important that candidates go prepared their best. Today in career advice we summarised some recommendations for your help.

Do some research about the organization’s culture

Job seekers should research about the firm before going for the interview to get an idea of what’s appropriate to wear on the day of the interview.

Similar to an interview, dressing up for success also needs planning and preparation.

Employers not only judge how a candidate respond to questions, they also observe their professional demeanor and look, to make sure that you fit well into the company culture, or if there is any meeting with clients.

Dress formally

Always remember that your interview attire and professional look can make or break your impression while meeting a prospective employer.

Though many senior managers said that employees wear less formal attire than the way did 5 years back, and many companies also allow workers to dress casually in the office, but you must choose apparel quite formal and suits for job interviews.

To help college pass outs prepare for appropriate interview outfits, we’ve summarised this for you.

Dressing up for an IT job interview

It field are often business casual and has even casual work environments, but for the interview, it’s suggested to project a professional look.

Dressing up for administrative job interviews

When you go for an administrative position, be classy! The classic two-piece suit (a jacket teamed with either slacks or a skirt) is the best option. Be in conservative colors, like gray, navy, beige or brown, whichever look best. For women, shoes with conservative heels are a good choice. Dark shoes and socks are suggested for men.

Dressing up for finance job interviews

For them, the dress code is becoming more casual, though yet business professional.The general suggestion is to dress up in slacks or a skirt with a button-down shirt and a blazer. Men must wear ties.

Dressing up for creative or marketing job interviews

You have to dress more formally. It is likely that they’d reject a candidate if he or she wears inappropriate interview attire. Some creative departments and agencies have casual dress codes, but that is also defined. The best thing is that you need to wear something classic with a twist.

Dressing up for legal job interviews

A business suit is recommended for both men and women. Even shoes must be professional and polished and keep subtle jewelry. Women must wear close-toed shoes if interviewing with a very conservative firm.

Dressing up for marketing, advertising, and public relations agency job interviews

The women are recommended to wear black pants with a colourful blazer or a coat, and men should wear black pants with a nice dress shirt that has a little color.

Dressing up for an internship interview

Even here, the standard interview attire rules remain same. If you go dressed too casually, an employer can’t take you seriously and include you as a part of the team. Follow the above-mentioned advice while dressing up for an internship interview in the respective fields.

Your appearance does not only include your attire but you must consider the following:

Take shower

Neat and professional haircut

Neatly trimmed nails

Minimal makeup

Go milder while choosing perfume, cologne, or aftershave

Always remember that you will get only one chance to create an impression, so no blunders and do all the necessary homework before you set to achieve your goal to crack the interview.

So when you get prepared for a job opening for freshers, along with your technical get up you must also pay some focus on your appearance and attitude as well. Keep an eye in our space for career advice for updates and news about latest jobs in IT and several fields.

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Read About These Famous People And Get Inspired To Never Give Up

Read About These Famous People And Get Inspired To Never Give Up

Often we tend to give up. But the fact is that success comes at the edge. For today’s blog on career advice, we share a few household names who struggled their way to success. Some lived in their car, others suffered family abuse, and almost all encountered several rejections both professionally and personally, before getting success.

To know about them, keep reading!

1. J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling got a divorce, was on government aid, and could barely afford to feed her baby in 1994, and then after three years, she became a renowned author with a series of bestsellers. But her book was rejected dozens of times until finally Bloomsbury, a small London town publisher, gave it a second chance after the CEO’s 8-year-old daughter fell in love with it.

2. Stephen King

King was broken and struggling when he first tried to write. He lived in a trailer with his wife, who’s also a writer and they both did multiple jobs to support their family while pursuing their craft. Their poverty led them to borrow clothes for their wedding and got rid of the telephone because it was too expensive.

King received multiple rejection letters for his work, that he developed a system for collecting them.

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3. Tyler Perry

Perry had an abusive childhood, physically and sexually abused during his growing days, got kicked out of high school, and tried to commit suicide twice.

In 1992 he wrote, produced, and acted in his first theatre production, I Know I’ve Been Changed, with all his savings into the show but it failed miserably. 6 years later, Perry got his first success in the seventh run of the show. He’s since got a very successful career as a director, writer, and actor. Even, Perry earned fame as Forbes’ highest paid man in entertainment in 2011.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker

Parker was born in a poor coal-mining town, the youngest of the four children. When she was two, her parents divorced and later her mother remarried and had an additional four children. Parker’s stepfather, a truck driver, often didn’t work, so Scarlet took up singing and dancing at a very young age to help with her mom’s teaching income and feed their 10 people family.

Despite those hard times Parker’s mom continued to encourage her children’s interest in the arts. When Parker was 11 years old, the family went to New York City so that Parker could give audition for a Broadway play. It was a successful trip she and her brother got cast, and the family relocated to New York. Parker with her hard work and determination got new roles, eventually becoming the title character of TV show Sex and the City.

5. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah faced a lot in her public life, criticism for her weight, racism, unwanted or unwelcome questions about her sexuality, but she never allowed those things get in the way between herself and ambition.

She was abused sexually as she was growing and was also molested several times by her cousin, an uncle, and a family friend. She also became pregnant and gave birth to a child at the age of 14, who died only two weeks later. But Oprah continued to complete high school as an honors student, earned a full scholarship to college, and working her way through the ranks of television, she created her OWN network.

Whenever you think life is not good, just try reading and knowing the life successful people who faced hardships. You will be enlightened and inspired.

With this, we conclude. Keep looking into this space for more career advice, tips, and suggestions. If you wish to make careers in engineering or any other file, keep reading our blogs.

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Here’s How Entry-Level Assistant Jobs Can Help You In long-term Career Success

Here’s How Entry-Level Assistant Jobs Can Help You In long-term Career Success

Recent college grads seeking the opportunity to develop a wide variety of job-related skills can do so by pursuing entry-level assistant jobs.

That’s what Amanda Ponzar, Chief Marketing Officer of Community Health Charities, an Alexandria, VA-based non-profit federation did in her first job, and she started as an administrative assistant. Her current organization raises awareness and funds via workplace campaigns and strategic partnerships. She credits her various experiences as an assistant as a secret behind her career growth and success.

The college grads must consider assistant jobs as stepping towards their success and to build important job skills. Assistant jobs help to offer a paycheck to start paying off educational loans or debt.

The college grads might seek assistant jobs, be it for an administrative assistant, office assistant, marketing assistant, personal assistant or executive assistant can also learn the below mentioned important career skills, says Britton:

  • Time and project management

  • Continual learning opportunities

  • Budget and negotiation

  • Verbal and written communication skills

  • Specialized skills based on organization/industry

  • Inside company knowledge

The founder of Everything’s Not Ok and That’s OK Coaching, Alissa Carpenter mentioned about three skills which the organizations believe that are lagging in the millennials. The skills are:

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Teamwork

  • Communication skills

So don’t you think, the role as an assistant to be successful in your career is a real asset for entry-level jobs seekers? This not only build credibility and experience on your resume, but the people you come across could help you with reference in future.

In words of Ponzar, an assistant job must never be underestimated as a way to get ahead with success in life.

Looking for entry level engineering jobs right now? Want more tips and advice? Keep looking in our space for more career advice. Whether it is mechanical engineering jobs or jobs in any field take right decisions and put your right foot ahead to be successful in a career.

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3 Things You Must Give Up To Become Successful

3 Things You Must Give Up To Become Successful

In today’s career advice, we shall discuss the things which you need to give up for being successful in life.

In building your career you might have to give up several things along the way. Here are the three big ones:

1. To follow definition of success by others

Definition of success varies and many times you will find yourself failing to keep up with those expectations. In those definitions, you might be a complete failure.

You have to liberate yourself from other’s definition of success to get the fullest expression of who you are and what matters you.

By understanding and creating your essence of goals, you should be able to define your achievements; you might not leave up to other people’s expectations but can be happy with life.

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2. Leave the Past

Everyone has the past. It’s filled with good experiences and also filled with terrible things. To move ahead you have to overcome the past but remember the lessons you learned or teachings you came across.

At some point, it’s wise to overcome every resentment towards people, circumstances, and experiences from the past. When you give up that, you actually ditch lots of baggage.

To mention, giving up things isn’t just about sacrifice. It’s about gain as well. When you give up things up actually create an opening for other things.

3. Fear of Judgement

The fear of being judged keeps us from taking up our more desired dreams.

The fact is that you can never convince them, to understand you or not is their way it is.

Only you need to value the words of people who keep trust on you and have faith in your belief. They are the ones who would support you.

Once you overcome the fear of judgment, your work ability changes drastically. You become more present, productive, and start to gather momentum in your career.

Hope this you will find helpful. If you wish to make careers in engineering or any other file, keep reading our blogs.

Keep looking into this space for more career advice, tips, and suggestions.

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It’s Time To Farewell College Habits Before You Enter Professional Life

The day times comes in every student’s life when they step outside their college days and start a professional journey. And then you would see a 180 degree turn in your lifestyle. Suddenly from a carefree boy, you find yourself in the queue of walk in interview jobs; this transition is actually a huge one. You must be suddenly finding yourself talking and discussing with friends regarding job openings for fresher and thinking about choosing a new career, instead of deciding which film you must be watching; in a group or your best friend.

At the start of your professional life, you will come across to some practices like preparations for early mornings, business look and less free time than you’re used to. This is the start of a switch of habits, from a regular undergrad to a career oriented professional.

Here we list some habits from your college life that you need give a farewell.

1. Over-Indulgence on Social Media

As the twenties being involved in social media is quite ordinary. But if you are on the job hunt or got recently hired, you have to lower your social media use.

Among many reasons, one is you don’t want your boss and superiors to stumble upon some sloppy pictures on your profile or your immature tweets.

2. Dressing Like College Student

While track pants and boots might have been your regular outfit for class, those days are over. Change your leggings for dress pants, hoodies for blazers, and flip-flops for shoes can confirm your professional style and taste.

3. Putting Your Health on the Back Burner

While starting a new professional phase of life, you will need more energy as you can get. To be a successful player, you need to take care of your health.

Getting adequate sleep, eat right and exercise can boost your energy, keep mind sharp and improve your immune system.

4. To Sound Unprofessional

No boss or superiors will take your opinion or input seriously if you speak unprofessionally. Learn some professional etiquette by observing other professionals and reading more.

5. Asking Parents for Money

The best aspect of becoming a professional is making money. You can afford more than Ramen noodles and have enough money to start paying off your student loans.

6. Being Everybody’s Buddy

In college, you must have a very big friend circle and met up with at parties or took classes with. You think you could be friends forever, but the reality is that keeping up with everyone can’t happen always, mainly if you just began a career.

To make your most meaningful friendships stay strong, you have to stop maintaining others and focus on important relationships only.

7. Weeknights, Drinks, And Buddies

No longer will be there Thirsty Thursdays or impromptu Tuesday nights. You have to be a performer every day at work, so weeknights become a thing of the past.

8. Feeling Validated By Others

The fact of the real world is almost all the validations come from other people. It could be a coach judging your abilities, a teacher evaluating your development or your parents assessing your character, the success you have, often came from outside sources.

Now as a professional, your feelings of pride and overall success must come from you. It could be that often your boss or superior won’t congratulate you for completing an assignment or doing your job.

The transition from college lifestyle to real professional demands lots of changes. In order to be successful in the professional world and real life; you have to put an end to your old habits and learn some new success mantra.

Hope this blog on career advice could be a help to you in sorting your choice and help you decide. Are you looking for entry level engineering jobs or jobs in any field? You need to keep a check on our page, to know about job updates and career tips.

Things You Learn At Your First Workplace

The first year of life is both challenging and memorable as well. You could be looking for entry level engineering jobs or looking for job vacancies in the marketing field, the scenario is same.

Here are 10 things we share in career advice that will help you definitely pass the first year in the workplace. Know it and share with your friend as well.

Waking up at 6:30 am daily is hard, but not impossible.

You’ll discover that early mornings are easier when there is no option, and when you are in probationary period.

Developing caffeine addiction

The office environment gets mixed with tensions, stress and, boredom. Whether you keep yourself attentive with coffee or gulping tea to pass the time, sooner you will find you need the morning tea to wake up.

You can’t walk away at work when you don’t like

People say that you have to work in jobs you don’t like because you have to fetch your dream; what they don’t say is that these jobs will often appear pointless. But no worries; with time you know how important these of experiences are.

A work night is never a good idea

It could sound very attractive; an idea of a particular club night but you can never be able to function well at the job, after an alcohol-filled night without sleep.

To be sure about and know your contract well

You must never sign anything without reading and understanding well. And when it is an employment contract, it should be read with more care.

You didn’t work more hard as you could have worked in university

Once you actually start working between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm, you’ll realize just how much time you lost procrastinating and didn’t work hard during your University days. Anyways, this period is a balance of fun, learning new things and working. You’ll soon realize that work life is slightly difficult to balance.

When you find your job is making you miserable you must leave it

You might take some time to learn, but definitely, you will know it. As long you can afford to leave and have a good employment prospect elsewhere, you must leave a job if is making you miserable for a certain period of time.

Hope this blog on career advice could be a help to you in sorting your choice and help you decide. If you are looking for careers in engineering or any field, keep checking this space, where we keep sharing some tips and idea for your help.

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