The Best Way To Nail A Job Interview

In today’s blog on career advice, we shall discuss how to make way for success in a job interview.

The start of any career is a job interview! It doesn’t matter if there is a panel or a single interviewer, it put, even the best person at the edge.

The way an interview happens, depend on 3 factors: your resume, the interviewer and their nature, and you. We wonder what could an interviewer expects from a candidate. But we can never know how we suit to a position or not. But can we mold yourself to that image? If yes, next question is how? Here we list some tips for you:

1) Research: Get a quick idea about the company website won’t tell you sufficiently about the company you are interviewing with. Your specific role needs some research as well. You need to find why the hiring is on, so you need to check the company profile and staff list. Find out what they do and how they face challenges in their industry. Find out how they meet the challenges and solve those problems and mention them on the desk in front of them.

2) Rehearse: A proper rehearsal is a must! You can rehearse in front of a friend or before a mirror. You should practice the answers and your body language as well. You have to show openness and honesty while appearing welcoming and friendly.

3) Respond: Interview is not only answering! It’s a sort of proper discussion or conversation. You need to build a rapport where you can make the interviewer less interrogates and more discussion. When you are asked if there is any question in your mind, always try to find out how the interview has gone. You must talk about your technical skills and how your education made you a professional.

4) Revitalise: You must be confident but no arrogance. You can talk about your achievements, but also appear little humble in your attitude. Let them know motivated and excited you are to join their organization.

5) Review: Once done with the interview process, after a few passing days, you have to drop the interviewer a gratitude email, telling them you are grateful for the opportunity. This type of attitude can really make you stand out, ahead of other candidates. Show them your interest and let them know you are open to further dialogues if required.

Hope you will find this helpful. You must be looking for latest jobs in IT or other fields just visit our space for some career advice and tips that would help you in your career growth. There are several jobs for fresher in Pune, but what is missing is the intersectional point where the requirement of the employer is met by the skills of the candidate.

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