What Are The Best Programming Language To Learn In 2019

IT world is itself quite dynamic. With new and upcoming changes in computer programming languages, frameworks and technologies language trends are ever changing. Developers must remain with updated changes. Here we share a list of the seven Best Programming Language this year.

List of Best Programming Language 2019:

1. Java

One of the best programming languages. Though Java lost is popularity by approximately 6,000 job postings in 2018 in comparison to 2017, but is yet in demand. All Android apps functions on Java and about ninety percent of the Fortune 500 companies uses Java for backend development.

2. JavaScript

This remains popular now and then. Being used by over eighty percent developers and almost ninety five percent of all websites for dynamic logic on respective pages. Various front-end frameworks for JavaScript like React and AngularJS has great importance like the IoT and mobile devices are becoming known to all, so chances of JavaScript falling out of popularity won’t be that sooner.

3. C++

There is very little difference in its popularity from the early part of 2017 till now. To several programmers this is complex and a difficult thing to learn and make use of than languages like Python or JavaScript, but it is yet at use by big enterprises.

4. Python

Python has grown popular by 5,000 job postings through 2017. A regular purpose programming language for web development and generally used by developers. It also finds application in scientific computing, mining data and machine learning. With continuous growth and demand for machine learning, there is again in the popularity of Python.

5. C#

There is slight decline in its demand this year. Being an object-oriented programming language from Microsoft was created to run on Microsoft’s .NET platform and to make rapid development. C# is greatly used in video game development, so if you wish to become a video game developer, you could learn it for your advantage.

6. PHP

This happens to be a scripting language used on server side and improved its ranking. Most developers make use of PHP for web development.

7. Perl

Perl has lost popularity with a drop of about 3,000 job postings. Perl remains popular for system and network administrators and like a connecting language.

These are some languages which do not hold a position in the list, but gaining popularity, though. Keep an eye on them:

  • Swift: They are Apple releases in 2014 and have been steadily gaining popularity after its launch as per IEEE Spectrum and Stackify.

  • Rust: This is another language, gradually gaining popularity according to a data by the Google Trends.

  • R: This is also gaining popularity in both global and US search rankings and happen to be a language which is least disliked in a survey by Stack Overflow this year.

Other technologies that developers must know:

  • SQL: A language to store, retrieve and manipulate data in databases. Not a programming language as it doesn’t have looping and other fundamental functions, but PL/SQL has added some to these.

  • .NET: This is by Microsoft for app development for desktop, web, phone, gaming, and IoT. An open-source program used by C#, VB and F# programming languages.

  • Node: An open-source run-time environment which permits JavaScript to run on server side. It is suggested that every JavaScript developers must also specialize in Node.js to make the best benefit.

  • MEAN: This allows creating an entire application using JavaScript, which is fast and versatile.

With this, we conclude our discussion on career guidance on which one is the Best Programming Language. And keep looking into this space by career advice for more career guidance tips, news, and updates.

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