What Is The Best Option For A Fresher: An MNC Or A Start-Up

In today’s blog on career advice we shall address the doubt that comes in mind of many fresher; to opt for an MNC or a start-up. Suppose you are looking for job openings for fresher and you come across two opportunities in hand, each from a start-up and an MNC; next, you might wonder what to do. To know more, keep reading this blog.

Both MNCs and start-ups have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. So your decision depends on your future goals and how you wish to shape your career. To help you overcome your dilemma, we have created a list of 6 points that would help you in taking the right career decision.

1.Salary: A start-up salary will be lower compared to MNCs but your involvement in job roles will be vast and you could learn many things at time. Your salary will be dependent on the funds provided to the start-up. MNCs pay well due to the resources and profits they have.

2.Responsibility & recognition: In a start-up every role is associated with responsibilities. You might have to work for long hours with more stress and more responsibilities. But, with bigger responsibilities come bigger rewards both at professional and personal levels. Your good work can earn profits to the company consequently you come in their good book, and that confirms good appreciations. And if you do a mistake, everyone has to pay for it.

MNCs can offer global recognition. The name of a big organization on your CV gives good value. Your work might not be that appreciated on daily basis but if you perform well, you will get appreciated. There are awards, benefits and lots more for the performers of the company.

3.Work-life balance: If you wish a 9 to 5 job then MNC is right you. You will have ample amount of time to spend with your family and friends. But, if you want to take risks and challenges then go for a start-up. Here, working hours is not fixed. You might have work even on weekends. MNCs have is less work load compared to a start-up.

4.Facilities: Start-ups are small organizations hence with lesser facilities compared to MNCs. Might not have a fancy office. No foreign trips. While, in an MNC you will get better and several facilities. If you want to go abroad then an MNC should be your choice.

5.Risk: Working in a start-up is risky. A start-up might fail and you might be jobless. MNCs are stronger and there are fewer chances of failing hence there is job security.

6.Career growth: Start-ups are always a better place to learn more and grow. The domain skill-sets will improve and no time is wasted in office politics. Whereas in an MNC, you learn a lot of new things besides your basic work. MNCs can help you in an all-round development for you.

To summarise, it entirely depends on your career goals and what you want to achieve in life rather than discussing which one is right. Both have their pros and cons.

Hope our career advice is useful for you and also check out the current IT jobs for fresher in Pune, some great openings are there.

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