Best Career Advice: Spend Your Time On Professional Networking Than Social Network

With the end of the summer and start of rainy season, most of the college graduates will step into the professional lives. It may be an internship, full time etc. the candidates can feel uncertainty, anxiety and even fear. So here is a career advice for them to be successful.

It is not just with high GPAs, impressive resumes, relevant work experience, etc but it is very important to have a professional network, it is said that 85 % of critical jobs are filled with networking of some sort.

About 3000 employees accepted the fact that Networking is the means of finding job for most candidates.

There are examples where lots of employees, colleagues, and peers know and trust excellent ways for finding job of your dream company to make connections.

At the start of your career make your connections and expand your network. An easiest way for growth is LinkedIn and it can definitely be helpful to make your career in this field. Connecting to various people, engaging, and reading with the content and getting to know about the companies will inspire you.

Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are mostly used for socializing with people but joining LinkedIn will provide you professional connections with college professors, employees, interns, etc.

There is a fame around employee advocacy programs and lots of organizations are getting platforms that helps to share relevant content and industry news on LinkedIn.

During the time of candidate search by the recruiters the main focus is towards keywords, activities, and recommendations from colleagues to be available .

It is very difficult to leave the friends part of your life and step into the next stage of being a professional. So proactively take actions to become a professional by becoming active on LinkedIn.

Thus the career advice for engineers has come to an end.

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