On What Basis Your Company Measures Your Potential?

For ascending in the corporate ladder you need to be the best in the current role and express your potential for a well deserved growth. After choosing the right career you need to achieve your targets and the difficulty is in demonstrating your skills to your manager.

For measuring your potential in the careers of engineering most of the employees are selected or rejected with assessment and the main goal here is to expose the tolls that you are prepared with making assessments either for a new job or an internal promotion.

1) Define Potential:

Researchers from HR states that,” The will to develop or perform other than skill set at a higher position in the future.” The capacity of an individual to work is referred to as potential at a particular level and it is threshold for selecting the candidate based on the performance.

2) Measuring your potential:

For checking the people who can be promoted or can shoulder the responsibilities, the organization check the potential you have and it is called as analyzing your potential. It is an estimation of the extent where performance related skills and abilities existed already, or cannot be found, or can it be developed by you in the future.

3) Potential analysis done as follows:

In general sense the measurement of potential simply means the personal qualities measurement. For potential assessment these are the commonly used methods:

Intelligence Test

It is a test which is used by most of the companies and this test are biased towards the abstractive capability assessment, verbal reasoning, spatial insight, numerical ability and so on.

Personality measurements

Other than cognitive skills, organizations are rapidly measuring the personality traits; for identifying individual’s stable traits. For example some of the candidates it is very easy for them to adapt with respect to the situation and circumstance.

Motivational assessments

A candidate’s optimism also matter a lot and here is where motivational assessments comes into the picture. The only concept behind this was that for somebody to develop must have certain drive within them. The value pattern of the candidate matters a lot for their selection. There are various job openings and walk in jobs for freshers and all you need to do is follow the above tips and prepare well for the interview.

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