Apps That Will Change Your Professional Career

Are you wasting your time simply scrolling your Facebook? There are many people like that. Instead you can use this time for using projects to enhance yourself or your career. It is actually possible to enhance productivity in your work with the help of these apps and that is what is the career advice over here and dont miss to note that there are lots of job openings for freshers over here.

1) Understand the concept of Blinklist

It is easy to keep yourself updated with the ever changing world and staying on top with recent ideas and trends. It is not a joke, it can be done seriously. 15 minute summary is offered to you with the help of Blinklist of best non fictional books. There are over 2000 reads and audio choices. By using this app you can enhance your insights and knowledge at your work.

2) Keep Yourself updated with 100 Office workouts

Are you feeling sluggish after lunch? For increasing your mental alertness and effectiveness a little bit of physical activity is required. There are lots of simple routines to boost you up and all you need to do is use 100 Office Workouts and there is no need to go to gym. You can do the workout in the office environment without the need of equipments and refresh yourself

3) Increase your Network with shapr

Are you a job seeker? Or are you looking for promotion in your job? Then you need to know that right people can help you and make all the difference. Shapr helps you to build your network with the kind of profile your create it allows you to the right kind of professional for you. If the likings are mutuals then you can build your connections.

4) Use Daylio for some journaling

For tracking your goals, recording inspirations, venting some people use journaling as the best choice. You can provide your activity and mood using Daylio and even vent by jotting the notes of your day. You can reduce your stress by reshuffling your schedule with more fulfilling days.

There are lots engineering career options for freshers to make your career successfully use the above apps effectively.

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