9 Tips To Improve Your Career Development

Research says that brain has the ability to make an immediate judgment of people within milliseconds. Before knowing the entire situation or farther interaction we subconsciously create an opinion on someone or something.

Choosing a new career is essential to developing a personality to help you advance in your career. The first impression is also very critical towards success. Below we listed 9 things which you can use in a right away to ensure being Successful in professional life.

1. Have a professional email address and voicemail box recording. This creates your good impression.

2. Do not use smiley faces in professional emails. Emojis in professional emails depict incompetence.

3. Arrive 10 minutes earlier before your show up time. No apologies work if you are late at meetings or regular office time. It is wise to always there before the time.

4. To say ‘no’ to things which don’t help in progress. If you find yourself overburdened learn to say “no” politely and explain how it’s going beyond your scope. Be assertive, your senior and colleague will like that.

5. Remove negativity. Try to avoid negative gossip or conversations in the office. Negative energy boost up negative spirits. Try to be someone who turns a negative into a positive. People will like you and remember you for this.

6. Mix well with your team and company’s culture. You might not always find it easy but give into it a try, and you will see how welcoming it would be.

7. Always carry a book everywhere. Whether an audiobook, ebook or a physical book, always carry one in phone or in your purse. It’s amazing to inculcate reading habits.

8. Be open to positive criticism and welcome feedback. The best way to grow and prosper is not to take thing personally. Constructive criticisms are good they help you improve yourself.

9. Continue with networking though you love your company or job. The better network you have, the better you position yourself every time. You never when you need that connection be in your current job or for a change.

The fact is that it is a life journey to develop your personality.

It is a continuous and ongoing life process. There are always good things to learn and bad things to avoid. There is no complete 100% perfect human, but it is always good to try towards excellence. Choosing the right career and developing the right skill both are significant as a professional.

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