8 Bad Habits That Can Cost Your Job

We all have some bad habits. All might not harm us but a few can cost you professionally. Here at career advice, we share a list of habits that could deem you unprofessional at work. Often job interviews appear easier than retaining the job. So be careful with your professionalism.

The list of habits that might cost your job:

1. Procrastination :

This can actually increase productivity if done in a constructive way. But if you’re a habitual procrastinator, chances are that your performance is slipping out.

2. Lateness:

Whether it is for a meeting where you are late by 10 minutes or you simply can’t reach office on time; you may have reasons but also you are showing your boss and co-workers that your time is more valuable than theirs. Always be on time!

3. Grumbling :

Nobody likes negative people. If you’re always, or you have a constant negative outlook towards almost everything, you’ll lose friends very quickly.

4. Habitual lying :

You might be caught lying and there is never any excuse good enough to justify your behaviour. Never lie about yourself, your experiences or credentials. Also never take credit for anyone else’s work.

5. Messy or Dirty :

Hygiene must be the top priority. Always groom yourself and practice good hygiene. You must smell nice and appear clean. And ensure that your workspace reflects the same standards.

6. Personal Stuff :

An office is a place of work. Don’t spend your time on personal calls or tell your co-workers about relationship problems or health problems or your divorce.

7. Bad Manners :

Always practice good manners and etiquette. While eating, talking, working, etc. ensure that your manners don’t piss anybody.

8. Stealing :

If you take something from someone’s’ closet or steal away fruit from the fridge, know that you can be badly treated to an extent that you might get fired.

So, be careful of the above mentioned habits if you find them resembling to your traits.

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