8 Apps Which Makes College Life Easy And Fun

Are you planning for careers in engineering? Engineering is a vast field and you need to be very calculative with your choice and must create your base from higher secondary days itself.

When you are all of your own in college for the first time, it can be a tedious experience. There are several new and unknown things to manage. But today with the help of Smartphone and a few downloadable apps you can make things easier for yourself.

Here we share a list of 8 of the best apps which would help your that phase of life easier.

1. Amazon Mobile:

Suppose you don’t have your own vehicle or there are no shops near your college or it could be that you happen to be quite lazy. In any case, you will get your food, books, supplies, and toiletries delivered to your door. This app is free and will let you browse and buy anything you need.

2. Homework 2:

As time continues after your joining of college, there are many papers, readings, and tests coming from every direction, with no parent looking after every task that follows. This app will help you keep track of all the assignments, exam schedules, and coursework and help you map everything college-related.

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3. Google Drive:

You need not have to worry about not having your class notes or completed assignments at hand Google Drive is free and sign-up is automatic if have a Gmail account. There you can store every notes and important assignment.

4. Mint:

Mint is a free app which helps you manage your money like a grown up. It will help you view all of your finances and bank accounts in one place. Separate

5. Todoist:

If you want a to-do list app that can list all your tasks handy and at one place. This app helps you track everything that goes in your life, college-related and beyond, even doctor’s appointments or the bills you need to pay.

6. Feedly:

With this app, you can aggregate all blogs, publications, YouTube channels, and other sites you follow, such that you can see at a glance what’s new and keep up with news and updates from your favourite sites.

7. Dropbox:

This app will keep all your important documents at one place. Save things in the Dropbox, and access them from any device, even your phone.

8. EasyBib:

This app will give you the correct citation for whichever book you’re quoting from and it will customise for whatever citation style you require.

With this, we conclude. Hope these apps make your college days more easy and fun for you.

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