7 Valuable Qualities And Skills Every Employer Wants

You may come across several blogs or forum with experts or others sharing career advice. But you must follow the analytical and logical advice. To know more keep reading this blog.

A nationwide survey revealed that graduates do not possess soft skills needed in business. 83 percent of the companies are of the opinion that the graduates who don’t develop workplace skills or soft skills can never be high performers.

More employers are now looking beyond the degrees to find candidates with competitive people and workplace skills.

Here we share 7 skills that every employer is looking for:

Team player – You have to work effectively in a team. Employers want to see how you can coordinate with others. Many roles involve working with others so you need to brush up your inter-personal skills to be a good team performer.

Confidence – Confidence is good for you. Be confident but not arrogant. Remain positive and don’t compare yourself to others. Accept both compliments and criticism in a constructive manner.

Communication skills – Good oral and written communication is a must. Fluency in English is one of the key qualities that employers need irrespective of job profile.

Initiative To be successful, you need to eagerly learn in every way possible. Never hesitate to take a new project, work etc. You must have a self-driven attitude at work to go a long way.

Trouble shooter – You have to logically think and find situations and resolve issues. Employers see for people who don’t panic or give up when things go wrong but who will find a way to solve the problem.

Organized – You should never waste your senior’s time. Time management is a must. Keep your paperwork in order; never be late for scheduled meetings, take down notes during meetings, and be tidy at work.

Adaptability – You can’t expect clearly defined roles, mainly if it’s your first job. You have to some work outside your job description. Employers like candidates who can quickly adapt to new situations and do their tasks efficiently.

Along with your technical skills, excel at soft skills as well and keep in mind the above-mentioned points when you next appear for a walk in an interview or any job interviews.

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