5 Ways To Improve Your Work Performance

To work hard and strive better is good but rest is inevitable as well. Too much stress for longer periods could lead you being totally exhausted. Eventually, you will start working less efficiently and you will complete your daily tasks and activities in long time.

In this blog post, we share some 5 five strategies explaining, ways to improve work performance and have fun while fulfilling your career.

Ample amount of sleep

If you are chronically sleep deprived, this would lead to having huge concentration lapses during the working hours. To be more productive as much possible, the first and most essential thing is to get enough sleep before the start of your working day. Apart from tiredness, lack of sleep also leads to stress, moodiness, heart-failure, and is actually not good for your health. During sleep, our brain gets recharged on its own during the REM phase and repairs the neural pathways, cause muscle regeneration and our bodies produce necessary hormones for a proper functioning of the body and so on. You need to make a routine, calculate when you must go to bed to get the optimal 8hours of sleep, and don’t watch late night movies or play video games late. You need to turn off everything an hour prior to going to bed and get a warm bath, if possible to calm your body. Mustn’t think about next day’s work, clear your mind and focus on your breathing to fall asleep.

Stimulate your mind with music

Music, mainly classical music, has proven every time that it goes parallel with work productivity. Even plants grow faster and taller when scientists played baroque music in greenhouses. It is said that music stimulates both the left and right parts of the brain and leads to improvement of our cognitive abilities, creativity, problem-solving skills and more. Not to mention that it does away with the noise of a working office and all the distractions coming with it. Hence it is always a good idea to invest in some quality ear headphones can be a good idea, because that way, you can listen to your favorite tunes while at work. But remember not to be carried away by the melody and you start dreaming about being dancing to that tune.

Slow down, take some break

Another reason why work performance drops is due to excess burnout. Overworking leads to lack of motivation and productivity with several people nowadays. Though taking a break is considered as a taboo in the business world, yet Tim Ferriss, a successful entrepreneur, detailed in his book “The 4-Hour Workweek”, how people tend to become more inefficient when you give them more time to complete a certain task. If the daily working hours are cut in half, this will likely increase employee productivity. The idea is to work smart, not hard. Take a short break every half an hour and next focus on your work with 100% fresh mind, and don’t get distracted till your next 5-minute break, and repeat the process. To mention, small breaks serve as a reward for your hard work also a means to let out your exhaustion, but remember not to expand your break to more than five minutes and you’ll see the changes.


Though procrastination has a negative undertone, it can be a good thing, sometimes. Beginning your work when you’re stressed out won’t help you much and you’ll fast end up online searching for some funny videos and fresh memes. You must have some fun before you start your work to recharge your batteries. The fact is that; don’t carry your work home. When you are at home, focus on enjoying yourself and don’t bother to think about the tasks you’ve left undone at the office. Learn when is the perfect time to procrastinate and then make the best use of it. Watch your favourite movie, play your favourite game and relax. If you work remotely, that is from home, divide your working hours into 2-3 hour blocks, three to four times a day and do rest of the things in-between. You can take help of a timer, to alarm you about your timings.

To work whole night

This is the last thing that you can do. But remember, no ways this should be used on a regular basis. Several people put off their work until the last moment and then they work till late night. While it might work better for a few people, it’s not at all good for your health. People tend to just take some heavy caffeine in their body and get a project completed before the Sun rises. The best thing about this method is that people generally work better under pressure, but for a short time, as it raises their adrenaline to a level high which aides them to finish their work exactly on time. The only thing is that doesn’t change your biorhythm, when you can restart tomorrow.

To conclude, the key to becoming extra productive is to organize yourself as a person and at work. Keep an eye on your health and maintain it amidst your work. Maintain a good routine where there is enough rest and also fun while focussing your attention on work.

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