List Of Top 5 Engineering Companies Hiring In 2018

If you want to make your career as an Engineer then you are in the right place. There are lots of companies hiring in 2018 especially the aspiring and the eligible candidates. Let us see the top engineering companies hiring in 2018:

1) Skanska :

It was inaugurated in the year 1887, and is regarded as one of the largest project development and construction groups and is one of the UK’s leading contractors. They help in construction, maintain buildings, and upgrade the infrastructure right across the country. There are lots of major projects like Crossrail and Gherkin which has been developed by this company and they have also been helpful in building more than 40 schools in Bristol for the past ten years which provides 7500 new primary school places.

2) Scania :

It is regarded as one of Europe’s leading suppliers of heavy commercial vehicles which employ 49000 employees every year in 100 countries across the world. Heavy trucks, buses are manufactured by them. They are also famous in the production of diesel engines for heavy vehicles along with other industrial and marine engines.

3) Severn Trent :

They are the best among the ten regulated water and sewerage companies in England Wales. They have been more than 100 years in this industry. They have developed themselves from being a regional water authority to be an integral part of FTSE 100. Until now they have helped Bristol Channel to the Humber, mid-Wales to East Midlands etc.

4) HS2 :

They are developing UK’s biggest fast railway line from London to Birmingham by 2026. They are also responsible for providing the complete HS2 project which will contain 345 miles of track over the next 15 years and link over 100 UK cities. It will also get rid of the congestion on our current lines and will also help in increasing the trade.

5) Sir Robert McAlpine :

It was built in the year 1869 and has been a successful leading construction company for the past 20 years. IT has contributed to lots of notable projects like O2 Arena, Olympic Stadium, Eden Project, Cabot Circus in Bristol etc.

The above companies are hiring in 2018, so check for the vacancies and apply the right job profile

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