5 Reasons Your New Resume Isn’t Helping You

From choosing the right career to writing a good resume and creating good contacts, everything is significant in the making of your career. Be it walk-in interview jobs or scheduled interview jobs, your resume gibes your first introduction.

Are you looking for careers in engineering or in clinical research? In any field, it could be, but your resume will highlight your candidature.

Everybody knows what a resume is and how significant it is in one’s career. This one to two-page document is the ultimate thing that’s designed to show your impact and achievements to be ahead of the competition. So making a resume is a trick and you must be careful with it.

Before you start considering your new resume is a waste, check the below list:

Reason – You felt a new resume would do magic.

With a professionally written résumé, you might be are ahead of the game of job search but it must be in accordance with the application process and you must adhere to. Though ATS-friendly résumés speed up the process, it will only work if you work it.

You can’t expect to the same age-old style of job search in this age where candidates are sourced through social media platforms. You need to adapt.

Reason – No target list of companies.

You must start with focus and specificity. Keep a target list of companies from your desired industry and based on your career criteria will assure you make the right connections at the very first time, and maximize your search. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree LinkedIn connections are, to begin with, but even alumni databases, events, and social media can help in making connections.

Reason – You fail to diversify your search.

Job searching platforms like Monster.com, Google Careers, and some options. Only using job boards along with several other candidates won’t help you.

Diversifying will take you to the organization you need to know which methods work and which don’t and help you see which needs your attention the most.

Reason – You think networking is dead.

No matter how social media friendly we become, but no website can replace human contacts. Though top job boards must be used, you must spend more time talking to people than internet surfing.

Reason – You can’t build your online presence and utilize technology appropriately.

You have control over your online presence. Search engines are your online friends. Don’t be scared to investigate and invest time in online searches to find and build the right connections.

Doing this you can enlist a professional résumé writer or service to rewrite your professional resume. With an ATS-friendly targeted résumé and with a strategic focus, you can gain better results from quality leads.

With this, we conclude today’s discussion on career advice. There are several job openings for fresher coming up so stay connected with us for more career tips and advice.

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