3 Best Career Advice On Follow-Ups to Get The Job

One of many secrets to be successful in getting a job is to do a follow-up. During your job search, it is essential to follow up at every stage if you expect to be the best candidate who gets a job offer.

Here is Best Career Advice that you must know and remember while searching for a job.

1. Attend Informational Interviews. Before you enter a new job or career, it is wise to speak with people who are already in that field you wish to join. There are several articles which describe the details of the informational interview, and your key objective is to leave with the names and contact information of two or three other people with whom you must speak to learn more, to widen your network and to get related suggestions for your job hunt.

Following up: You need to write a brief thank-you note to the person with whom you conversed. Express your gratitude for his or her time and suggestions. Mention that you are following up on the contacts provided, and, wish to keep in touch with time!

Next approach the new contacts which you got and always say something great about your mutual friends, ask if they are willing to meet you on a convenient schedule. Give them a copy of your resume, and on the meeting, exchange the business cards.

2. In Job Interviews. Always remember that whenever you meet someone for a job interview, it is expected on his or her part to receive a thank-you email either on the same day or at least within 24 hours. If you meet several people at a group interview, send them individual thank you notes.

Following up: If they have given time from their busy schedules then at least express your appreciation for that, and try to follow up with a point that was discussed in an interview. It’s a perfect opportunity to refine the answer you gave or change it.

3. Attend Networking Events. The easiest and the best thing to do is enriching existing relationships and build new ones. Company parties, industry meets, get-togethers with friends and neighbors are the perfect opportunities.

Be sure to carry your business cards with you, and also get the contact information of people you meet for the first time.

Following up: After you get home to make sure to follow up your contact list with their name and address with a note about when you met and the things you learned about them.

The next day, write a short note to them with the below mentioned key elements:

Remind them of the meeting.

Mention something you share in common.

Invite the person to contact you whenever you could be of help.

Suggest a follow-up meeting.

Finish with appreciation about your brief conversation and hopes to keep in touch in future.

To mention, a well-written thank-you note can earn you triumph from the clutch of defeat. Not only in finding a job but also if you have to negotiate your salary, following up works. De read our post on how to negotiate salary raise to be ahead of your peer in your profession.

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